nach stuttgart

– geometric canola? fields. the edges of the field being oblique to the highway, and running backwards up a hill, means that the shapes open out, elongate and shorten. there is no word at once as clumsy an elegant as elongate. it is to our mouth what the giraffe is to the savannah. that is, it has long, thick eyelashes and large, sweeping, brutal nostrils. no matter what you think you can’t use steroids on your eyelids just for the lashes. unfortunately, bald skandinavian men will continue to make video works of themselves with ther voices of women. worse, the rest of europe will continue to think this is clever. there is too much surface, too much blue in the spectrum. as well as that there is the issue of pemission in child-birth. it is a woman’s right to refuse, and the baby is happy in there.

– i’m not certain yet, but i fear that heidegger’s caution may well be related to kafka’s terror.

– artworks are lit the same way as stovetops.

– all cities are in some way or in some place too much themselves, as they are built oer and over again.

– in general, the toilets are not clean enough here to justify the price.

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