winter – difference and repetition

maybe north african, he saw the station late and burst through the closing doors, the torso compressing/compressing the torso and then stood on the most open platform, in terrible, winter sunlight, furrowed, straightening his large jacket, his ribs throbbing, frowning, staring hard, squinting into the winter sky, pulling the hem of his red jacket, hiding under his brow and breathing through his chest, stinging,the platform stretching out like a desert, of the biggest and whitest things this one rising to prominence, cold and hard light bouncing up off the ground and back off the plump underside of his eye-sockets, tugging at a camping jacket, having fallen asleep in the warmth associated with homelands and trains and then the biggest space circling, the red of necks glowing coolly and the intelligence of money, the confusion of fine weather in early winter, watching gum trees move without conviction, having eyebrows that blinker, wheezing, you must remember that this is the largest area, and you could crack the sky like a compact disc, at the breaking point, absolutely terrified, the force completelty tied up and distributed between one’s hands and the plastic, afraid that you might be the thing to break, the sky warping, breathing heavily in thinning hair, coiled hairlines, moving back.

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