we are all no keys

y/our eyes roll back in the head,
the animals that we are. And finally
we arrive to the scene, things closing,
jingling adding more, we’re either off
our heads or shot in the chest, of state,
we can’t say much. Are we here? I think
we’re here. Did I send you that email?
Did you get the stuff? We mucked it up tho.
I rolled in the aisles and my head stayed
off in the back. Imagine taking every piece
of us and placing them together, separately.
A trace of light-boxing, people fall to the ground,
hair is stroked, heads are lowered. Lowly, heady,
things come down and break apart the one
from the other. I decided to keep watch on one eye,
which left off, right at that moment. And people
go on and on about Rhodes scholars. When there
is not even a part of brightness. Wait, do you ever smoke? If you
move everything from where it sits, some things have joining
points, we call these joints, under wide sombreros, our mouths like
pupae, leaking fat scum
onto the streets. Okay, I’ll say a word, be really careful to fully speak it,
to fully bring it to voice so that it’s completely audible
and you tell me whether you hear that word or another, or whether you hear –

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One Response to we are all no keys

  1. CRANKY says:

    Joel, you missed a great poetic opportunity in that you failed to rhyme ‘leaking fat scum’ with ‘bum’.

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