miso seen: love poem.

centenaries, centurians doing dangerous things
for a thousand? years now, or more, likely
is to like as slowly is to slow. is he coming?
i wouldn’t have thought so. if something is sig-
nificantly like one thing it is necessarily like an-
other. people who say nike (nike-ee,) dudes, people
with too much energy in reserve but not enough
reserve, these people weigh upon all of us. this is
what we have to carry through to our future: poets
who write in a voice (oh no), i write, sure! but i sign
if i cant. lye is terrible stuff, isn’t it? privately, co-ed,
co-ego, we come together, zen does as zen wills, but
if we know what we want we will be there and waiting.

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One Response to miso seen: love poem.

  1. CRANKY says:

    “if we know what we want we will be there and waiting”

    I like these little gems of profundity that people I know seem capable of spouting every now and then.

    It sounds so simple. But how many of us live an inversion of this – waiting to know what we want?

    Or maybe that’s just a few useless drab types, wallowing in semi-hopeless puddles of the mind while others take off on startling trajectories, jet-streams billowing behind as evidence of their ascent to promise – there they go! – WHOOSH – wow.

    Anyway, a bit out of sorts sorry, I’m SURE you were excited by the prospect of some faecal or rear-end reference, sorry to disappoint, will return to the typical crudities next time for everyone’s enjoyment (and perhaps relief). Cheerio.

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