first things first

people involved in caster semenya’s front page genital analysis must have their genitals on tomorrow’s front page with full medical records, images, warts, herpies, whatever. the herald is as guilty as news ltd. the herald’s advertised reported slew of awards for asia is misinterpreted. it is not a good sign for journalism and the herald but the exact opposite for both.

sport has to come to terms with the fact that what it is is in fact the inexplicable arrangement of selected human bodies around an arbitrary but delimited field of movement, assortment of objects, through an organisation of time and corporal movement. these special bodies (we call them often sportspeople) are selected on the basis of physical characteristics that will (hopefully) give them an unfair advantage (tautology) over other selected bodies. all winning athletes have unfair physical advantages over all losing athletes. the only people who might have some business in knowing about the genitalia of an eighteen year old woman do not get their information from news ltd or from fairfax.

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