Lifting babies (we have none), walking through the mallee,
we break into scuffles and make up. The stories are old.
I made a cross-section of the body and then made those
sections smaller. I cut every body part, icicles form on the inside.
On viewing, we are more than we can see. Black swan dives
from such heights that we lose sight. I pay a fleet of
workers and if they take one pencil, so help me. String
them up, saliva extends from my lips and the most violent
things are framed things. This portly man and his dog (sausage)
I imagine stacking successively larger numbers of them
and stepping up to reach the tallest shelves. mirrors make animals
of us and we look away. The following is the beginning of a set.
Is the bath full?
Every pencil has its own number and chequers out.
Stack them neatly and make a hurst. We play monopoly
without the board, lift it up, check underneath.

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