If oxygen does have a smell then
we are used to it by now. Black guards
at the gate, blagging our way in though,
this is a joke. I know it. I sing songs
into the tip of your mini-jack. Imagine a country
in which miniatures attract tourists.

Aferwards, I threw the gloves in the fryer and
demonstrated publicly the extent of their downsizing.
We tuck-roll under the plastic chin-links. Btw,
to make our room look like a plane cabin I cut holes
in the curtains.I swung you around me like
a velodrome and we leveled out. Withdrawn keratin.

There in the first instance, standing, elegant
pores – or doves – become skin-like.

Remove the word surreal from your vocab.

Your mouth sits open slightly. I climbed on and,
feeling the give in it, softened my knees
and bent them ninety degrees the wrong way.
I fell to the ground and fired my weapon skyward.
And it was only after carving an entire table from scratch
that I realised fish and chips would have done.

Luckily though, everyone’s horoscopes are positive
in equal measures. This year will be: close to
intimates or; time to seize an opportunity, fitting
in on the ground I swallowed your/my
tongue. There is a double singular possessive and
a collectible I, the books in your bag,
like kindling.

keratin shot into the breeze

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