The Grandmother

And joinery is just another kind of grammar.
Your thinking dovetails with mine, and
the reason why cabinets are better than texts
is their ability to walk the line of literalism.
They are never too cabinet. Tables can be
too tabular, but the crystalline ideas they install
cut against the thighs and low calves.
Can you hear the cattle lowing? Your skin
radiates. I hollow the reverberations of that idea
up and down your legs. I know what you’re thinking.
How do we get out of here, right? Wrong
Lola, wrong number. Let me tell you this though:
I like being here with you, but then
this blind talk stopped me short. Recession
is better than secession. Sometimes.
I go to the counter, ask for the wrong drink,
sit down and eat it anyway. It doesn’t agree with me.

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