I was watching the Four Corners from the other week where a Kiwi journo revisited the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. The whole thing was difficult to believe. You remember what exactly happened to France, why everybody started to learn Spanish instead. These bumbling, overzealous fools sailing all the way to New Zealand. Getting bogged near the water’s edge at night-time only to be pushed out by a few passing Maori. These petit ‘spies’ getting caught by nz cops, and from above, jogging laps in the prison yard. Then, suddenly, they cut to some old footage from earlier press coverage, interviewing one of the bosses of the attack. And this hits my screen:

and I sit in complete silence. It is as if every pixel in my screen has cracked like safety glass, and it is tumbling out onto the floor, my eyes also, gridding up, each parcel of the perceptive world, in sequence, coming undone-

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One Response to unpacking

  1. patrick says:

    brilliant! thank god for screen grabs… for now…

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