Misunderstanding displaced the world for me. But in a good way; it signaled the way, to go inside of it. Every impulse was correct to it. So dictated chance once, that in my presence, the word ‘copperplate’ was spoken. On the following day I stuck my head out from under the chair: that was a “cop-a-look”.[1] If in this way I disfigured myself and words, I did only what I had to, in order to gain a foot-hold in life. Early on, I learned to disguise myself in words, which really were clouds. The gift of perceiving similarities is, in fact, nothing but a weak remnant of the old compulsion to become similar and to behave mimetically. In me, this compulsion acted through words. Not those that made me similar to well-behaved children, but those that made me similar to dwelling places, furniture, clothes. I was distorted by similarity to all that surrounded me. (my translation, more or less)

[1] The German words are: Kopferstich (copperplate), and Kopf-verstich (head-stick-out). copperplate/Cop-a-look is a weak analogy.

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