Every country on the            generation
dress sharply              edge of every
plants have held        Let’s all
all of the themselves             in the country
ask the tourists for their cameras                 we
happysnappers          Peacock schnitzel
in our will                    we be
come and frame my              sugarsnap peas.
Petersham Parma.     go to Prague and be
Precook                      Precook the corn
Let’s all serious           all sausages
our framing trousers              age surprisingly well
in looks that will.                   Seriously
French cotton                        Malarrangé
My restable shoulders          rocking a skirt
bill       I call your name                     Angled
bodies winking                      I unfold my
weather           All of our faces lining up
I don’t know to say                One of us
All of the words         were in Nice  We
ask for the                  dregs of idealism
Let’s Temper temper                        Heathen Temple
Arms athrall               All of   your calendar
and it was awful                      Never
can the           Ledger                        be counted
Pin the bomb site                 Play a pagan game
Barely bearable          eyes don’t function within a
dream temper            the right to bear fruit I
can resist                    The way sometimes
The hedge trimmers             Novalis Prevail
on the war chart                     The dogs cortexing
The temper travails               My sung trousers
in the pre-Summer                hydro
The unveiling of our              trammel
avail given scenarios              The staging
of a panel.       The anti-holding
The unbearable happiness of Christians


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