POST STRUT (while you were sleeping)

Everybody’s unanimous critique of the poststructural.
The living question, and the one just hanging on.
I rely on you to rely on me. Selflong isthmus.
Droll cacao: Ailing genres. My genus face.
What are our narrowest points?
I sat in the ha ha and watched
The linguistic tern float through the valley.
The sonic bloomers. The dis
enfranchisements; every chain store. Is a movement

like a manifesto, a check list.
                                            Every illness’ synonym.
Anonymous death sentence. Date clause. Phrasal spray.

How negative is the negative anyway? The inside outs itself.
Cultures turn from one another. A friendly circle.
as a verb. Circle as a noun. Circle as an adjective. Circle as middle.

All the medievalists on the one mini-plane.

Tupperware as plate. Bread knife as butter knife.
                                                       Banana as paperweight/
conceptual stopwatch. Every object in my house is
an enlarged or miniaturized version of a more adequate object.
Brut, brittle, denominal.  All this water and this distance.
Slicing a fin from a shark with a sword. Finish ever book.
Cold-cut affair. The worst blood. So independent
I just wanted to call you to let you know. Single patent.
Franka Potente. Valet parchment. So thirsty, I pit
the care of the self vs table service. Olive fields,
derobed cork trees. Who knows if it is discipline. The
falcons flack over the cornfields.
                                            The unfortunate
naming of plants and children. Anno Domini diagnostics.
A collection of single bedspreads, lain in a row. You beautiful
new nation-state. Love you
longtemps. Tropic heft. Tropic haft. Your disciples turn to you,
and you give them all a copy of your latest book,
from under all of their seats.

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