is as morning does and does do and will
to power, will to shower, will to anxiety,
will it? You warrior, unhoned vortex, loose
sailing. The ice breaks in, take a seat, take a dip
the water’s fine. Lattice-and-mother-tongue.
Sour cream. Our scream. Holler back as the globe
shutters. Shoulder my burden, my refrain, from
here, I can see the mildew forming on the daffodils.
I always think. I always, the depressed science.
Silence falls on the envelope. The leaves blather.
Leave the leaves. The bored flaws. Put your tracksuit
on inside out and pretend you’re a mop. Slake your
wantons. The fanciest feast. Untimely dinner. Stroke
the horse’s main parts: head, eyelashes, shoe.
Eccentric elevator. Fallen practicum. Take a day.
Be a mug. A tall-glass of water. An inconsolate price.

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