die Lichtverfaßung – the constitution of light.
Komm zu meiner Schulterpartie. Be a single
hair clip for me. Wandel under. Wander down.
In any case, conditionality knows no bounds.
Internetverbindungslosigkeit. WLAN Verbundenheit.
Massaging a bottle, bzw. Ketchup. Falling further behind.
Pfandflaschenpost. Pferdflaschen pony tails. The fringe
elements of vocabulary. Wild-picking. Wild break. What
is the work of relation in my. Me too. I am underlain.
Our documents are in order. Die Fußnoten
setzen alles aus. Umgesetzte Gesetze.
Unclaimed gestures of inquiry. Equine construct.
It was only at full canter that the pain subsided. No mass.
In particular, ideale Voraussetzungen schwabbeln.
Die Soldaten blasen. Nighttime mafiosi.

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