sydney ‘to-eat’ list.

in two weeks’ time, i will be sitting in sydney, and most likely, i will be eating something (i am usually eating something). these are some of the things i will be eating*:

1. Jizzy Dumplings: special braised eggplant, handmade vegetarian noodles, and the dumplings.

2. Ashfield dumplings.

3. Happy Chef: Vege Laksa.

4. Black Star: All sweet and savoury options.

5. Sushi Suma: Sashimi

6. Sultan’s Table: Pide

7. Faheems: Various

8. Zumbo: Various

9. Chat Thai: Any food, and that delicious weird green and yellow tapioca strand drink.

10. Petersham Charcoal Chicken: Burger, and butterflied chicken with extra chilli sauce.


*n.b. i have no idea what establishments have closed/opened/changed hands in the last year, so i imagine some of these will have to disappear, and be replaced by other things.

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One Response to sydney ‘to-eat’ list.

  1. tim says:

    Go to Jasmin!

    ps – I always thought jizzy dumpling was with a g ie – – gizzy dumpling. I’m wrong aren’t I?


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