growing terrorism plants in the bathroom switching
the ight on and off, fertiliser ionising, the foment pucing
in the tub, strings of pig knuckles hanging from their
common lineament, exploding through the frames
of the housing, sherbs of resin ebbing into the meat
beneath an eye, all ah and you can match your cell to
the the splinter, all watches go bang now watch watch
the enamel snapping against your teeth reverse
aggregation in the economy starling, plotting the
conflagration in the congregation, the enemy is
plasticine, strapping, bursting at the seams of their
clothing, a downfall of perilism, the nigh departments,
security travel agencies on the verge of cataster, sluffing
the veins from the pleb-livers, ashing on your coasters
rolling thin wires around the deadened bottles, slagging
onto each other, cladden elements housed under the
garment an intention a tension a harming a reddening
a lossening of the stool, a token, an organised location,
a target, a targeting through the telescope, louching
into the telephone, implying disunity, sowing the sads,
referentialising the hinterlands and then landing outside
of the field of visions, a scifi-sufi breakfast porridge,
caustic soda defecated into the milk the milking the cows
the femur torned out drinking from the cradle of cult
the ural mountains pinging up on the maps extremely
dreaming fingers floating from the limbs prepositions
circling around the cranage, getting a better look, the
acid belt glugging through the pipes, the shrapnel in a
coin pocket pocketing the proceedure, rendering an asset,
setting a time for asylum, looking out of the window
of the carriage.


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