a drone is fun because we take the death out and put the fun in
grr grr grr grr, jump in the water to save the object that you are,
you love sour, you love your motherobject. wer früher stirbt ist
länger tot. in the lager. the name is the magic thing that when you
use it twice it breaks its chains. the chains are the magic things
that when you break them twice they form their name. around your
neck. can you say it twice? can you say to let you breath? can you
speak the language of release? it’s a tongue that curls its cues and
fucks its news. why the big mouth? you say you love freedom but
you have no teeth. is your face long because we drew it. sad clown
dies on the ground the leader the leader the leader the leader the leader
of the fret whorl has no strength. i remember when it was a great event
because i possess the gift of memoire involunitaire i eat the cheeks of
little schoolgirls and it all floods back, the ones from the good families
the floods from the early days, how did they get all those animals on the boat
and how did they get all the visas processed on-time. you wonder how, when
you’re cramping, so much the other can have the ball, and the bait can have
the fish. i poked your eye until it bled and the blood caused a rash. chill out
in your sores. lay a gurken over the socket. if i say i am then i am. solid. if
you say you are then we’ll check it in the files. the courageous run from the buildings
the courageous lead the march. the courageous shoot from the hip. the courageous
melt from the heart. don’t drink it don’t drink it don’t drink it it puts extra on your hip.
at the checkpoint they ask your name but you know it’s a joke, they have no flash boxes
picture or it didn’t happen picture or it didn’t happen picture or it didn’t happen
but when you smell it starts from the nose, or the intestine, you have bacteria
in you of a special kind that traces your herkunft, but i can see the figures on
the horizon, no yet integrated into the land, but they will be, the skin at the lower
corner of the stomach will start to blister, you know it’s happening, you can smell
the orifice, it belongs to us. we started it, we started it, we started it. and we’ll finish it.

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